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Size: 1lb
Color: Black/dark brown, white/fawn

All natural weed cover

Raw Alpaca fiber

Price: $7.50

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Product Specs

  • One pound of Raw Alpaca fiber (unprocessed, with vegetable matter)
  • Black/Dark Brown mix or white/fawn mix
  • Price is per pound

Product Description

Raw alpaca fiber is an amazing natural and eco friendly alternative for ground cover around your flowers beds and/or garden! Alpaca fiber creates a thin top layer helping to keep weeds out and allow your soil to breathe!
Alpaca fiber will naturally biodegrade over time and does not need to be removed at the end of the season.
Zero chemicals of any kind, Our fiber is straight off the Alpaca!

Once you receive your fiber, pull product apart with your fingers and lay on area you wish you cover. Use water to wet down the fiber to help it stay put.

**Although we intend for this product to be a weed covering, if the customer wanted to wash and process the fiber it would be great for felting!*